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Thread: Copy of the FBI search warrant. Inventory doesn't list much.

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    Copy of the FBI search warrant. Inventory doesn't list much.

    First and for most, I don't care about mod chips, I think homebrew is wonderful..
    With that said, does this add up?

    notice the case number started with MS...

    From LGC:
    "LGC's house was raided at 8 this moring by the FBI, they took everything from his computer and xbox's, to his super nintendo. They were apparently looking for mod chips, and burnt games. He is not in jail, but he now has no computer at his house.

    I have spent most of the day, on and off of the phone with him. He has the worst luck ever.

    Also, they took

    2 xbox 360's belonging to ATOMIC and MAYHEM.

    1 double shot controller MINE

    1 xbox case, that belonged to xxxLUCKYxxx

    this is not a joke or a scam. As they examin the things, and deem them not to contain mod chips (my controller doesn't count) they will be given back to him, and he will ship them asap

    also, i will be closing down until LGC can get back"
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    Damn, it sucks they siezed "1 XBOX 360 CONSOLES".

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