Figureheads from UK Jewish, Muslim and Christian groups attack game's violent content live on BBC One

Activision's Modern Warfare 2 was heavily criticised by UK religious leaders from across the belief spectrum on BBC One yesterday.

Speaking on morning TV programme The Big Questions - which carried the query: Are Violent Video Games Damaging to Society? - Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders all hit out at the game.

The title has drawn notable controversy for its violent content and infamous ‘airport scene' - in which gamers play the role of a CIA agent, acting undercover as a terrorist.

Chief executive of the London Jewish Forum Alex Goldberg told presenter Nicky Campbell and the studio audience:

"Surely this [scene] puts the gamer in the position of being a terrorist? The whole plot here is that it's a military commander - whatever - who doesn't want to blow his cover, so he blows up innocent civilians. We're asking gamers to be put in that situation.

"We fudge this issue about children time and time again throughout this debate. Let's face it - it's children playing this game. In the Holy scriptures, when Cain kills Abel, God asks him one question: Are you your brother's keeper? The rest of the bible is an answer to that - and it's a big yes. When I play this game I don't get that answer - I get upset."

Fazan Mohammed of the British Muslim Forum added:

"You can't equate it with watching TV or a movie or reading a book. This is a much more intimate experience. You're mentally playing out the effects of violence. A lot of people make the excuse that this is sport - that it's just entertainment. But Joseph Goebbels - the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany - said his entertainment did more for the German people, in terms of creating the psyche for war and hostility towards others, than the speeches of Adolf Hitler. The idea this is entertainment is not justification whatsoever."

Source: mcvuk